Another one bites the Dust

freakingoutThis is me when I am completely freaking out/brain dead worrying about this final for Digital Design and the end of the semester in general. Lets just say this past week has not been easy- I’ve been drawing, photo editing, BOOK BINDING ( which i will go into in my next entry) and just trying to make the project presentation as smoothly as possible. I think I may be worrying a bit too much about the physical project because I am scared I wont be able to get the project under the required 50MB. it’s hard to remember what to rasterize and what not to , what layer I am on and my main file that I started on a template wont save so I ve been leaving my computer on sleep mode because I cant save that damn file!  i am excited to explain about how the booking binding is going to work out.  i will try to take pictures as well.

Cheers, Candace


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