Can’t Rain All the Time

Today was a drizzly one- there is a tropical storm off the coast so it sounds like it is going to be raining for the next week or so which is too bad because the boyfriend and I rode our bikes to the park and went disc golfing on Tuesday and the weather was beautiful and the course is a winding trail with interesting obstacles..I’d like to go again soon but that is weather permitting. The last thing I want to do is get a cold – it’s amazing how there are microclimates in the city- SOMA is sunny, warm, and flat which Richmond can be extremely cold and foggy.

I started a new painting recently, at this point, it is a work in progress of a couple of orchids from a picture I took at the Flower Conservatory in Golden Gate Park. Its kind of abstract, like a lot of my paintings but I can see the transition between my textile designs and now applying that knowledge into painting with acrylics.

I have a lot of drawing to do tonight- fashion illustrations as well as begin to formulate a line up of about 7-8 renderings in order to determine what elements can be further explored and if everything flows together cohesively-color, silhouette, etc.


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