Colors Burning in the Page

So today a classmate and I went to the art supplies store to search for good paper to print on for our final. The store is quite big so we had a hard time finding paper that wasn’t too expensive ( one saleslady tried to convince us to buy a 19X 14 photo glossy paper at 95.42 a packet! ( no not a ream, a packet!) and also the book binding area was just outrageously price- $45 for a just cover with no binding or anything! This is maybe is another reason why I like fashion- because art supplies is just ridiculously priced these days compared to fabric and thread haha.

So we picked up several paper to test color swatches for our fashion collection tech packets. After a lot of trial and error, we realized what kind of paper we need to gear towards to get the color quality we seek. I’m going to have to go back again tomorrow because nothing we picked up worked very well- some were too matte and the glossy- just came out horribly. I also probably should clean the heads on my printer because there was a little bit of streaking in the swatches.

Today, I learned that it is important to recognize that colors may appear completely different on screen than when printed. Reminders include when setting up the document, definitely set at 300 dpi and set in RGB mode for more vibrant and accurate when color testing. My professor was telling us about how when she worked at Abercrombie and Fitch, that the director expected for the color of the garment to match EXACTLY that of the technical packets printed on paper. We tried many samples, including bristol board that actually came out the most accurate colorwise but I agree with the teacher that the speciality papers will make the finished product more professional and unique.

Next up I am going to retrace the steps on how to create pattern repeating digitally which is very exciting because I can actually put my original textiles on a flat. The picture is the images I worked on in class- all original repeated patterns I created scaled and skewed! : )


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